Beauty & the Beast--A Newly Remodeled House Often Has Ugly Secrets!

Amateur Wiring Causes Smoke Detector to Malfunction in Flip House

Thanks to a significant rise in area real estate “flipping,” the serious and oft-times hazardous problems associated with non-professional, unpermitted work are increasing as well. This is particularly a problem for first-time home buyers who thought they were getting a “turnkey” remodeled home. It’s hard for them to believe that something that looks so nice actually has so many hidden defects. For lurking inside this beauty is actually a deceptive beast that wrecks budgets and threatens your family’s health and safety!

“Whenever there’s big money involved, there’s always dishonesty…”

Two Dozen Warning Signs of Serious Defects in a Shoddily Remodeled Home

1. Lack of permits or well/septic system certifications (check public records).
2. Seller is an LLC or is hard to identify as an individual. Past litigation history (check public records!)
3. Improperly closing doors or windows that were recently installed.
4. Extensive evidence of debris (paint chips, glass, etc.) in the yard.
5. Mismatched roof coverings and rusted flashing on replaced roofs.
6. Improperly installed HVAC equipment or new mixed with old components.
7. Standing water or staining in the basement or inside the crawl space.
8. Rotten or deteriorated joists, rafters, or other structural members.
9. 4x4 posts supporting a deck. Improper mounting and railings.
10. Stairs without handrails or handrails made of 2x4s or closet poles.
11. Unrepaired sidewalks, steps, or other walking surfaces.
12. Missing utility connections (such as washer and dryer connections).
13. Loose, newly installed electrical and plumbing fixtures.
14. Uneven floors or cabinetry. Soft spots in carpeted or vinyl covered floors.
15. PVC and ABS mixed with cast iron wastewater lines. Lots of abandoned lines.
16. Lack of proper roof penetrations for exhaust fan and plumbing vents.
17. Uncleaned or “scary” crawl space with no lighting, venting, or vapor barrier.
18. Tightly installed vinyl siding lacking proper channeling and clearances.
19. Gutter downspouts discharging directly on roof surfaces or at foundation wall.
20. Open junction boxes with heavily taped connections or exposed wiring.
21. Makeshift supports placed underneath home.
22. Excessive glue on PVC plumbing joints. Improper or missing traps/vents.
23. Original drain with new diverter/fixtures in tub, shower, or sink.
24. Heavily painted over or textured surfaces, or unusual colors on ceilings or walls.

Nobody looks out for you like you do, so avoid being swindled and invest in a professional home inspection!

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