Seller's Inspection Checklist


Inform inspector if something isn’t working, is winterized, or shouldn’t be turned on!

Ensure your pets are penned or crated, & that firearms and valuables are safely put away.

Be sure to clear items out of the way of electrical panels, accesses, and foundation walls.


Make sure all outlets and switches have covers. Replace any burned out bulbs. Put fresh batteries in and make available remotes. Be sure proper screws are installed on panel cover.

If your smoke detectors don’t work or are older than ten years, replace them.

Ensure all handles, latches, knobs, slides, and locks are present and properly functioning on drawers, windows, doors, and cabinets.

Replace dirty HVAC filters. Clean dust and lint from bathroom fans, registers, and dryer vents.

Clean appliances and fixtures and have them unloaded or empty. Make sure all available accessories are present, safety devices are installed, and let us know if a feature isn’t working or has been disabled.

Correct any trip hazards or loose handrails.

Repair any leaking plumbing fixtures.

Repair or replace broken fans/electrical fixtures.

Install missing or repair broken shelving. Ensure all doors and windows operate properly and have screens installed (if applicable).

Ensure proper operation of garage doors.

Test GFCI and AFCI outlets and breakers.

Basement and Outside

Remove any animal nests from fascia, vents, and soffits.

Apply fresh chalking where needed and paint metal lintels over windows and doors.

Clean gutters, install splash blocks or downspout extenders.

Be sure to slope mulch or topsoil away from the edge of any siding or veneer. 

Trim back vegetation away from roof or sides.

Remove items away from foundation walls and from underneath decks, porches, or within crawlspaces. Replace or reinstall any missing or hanging insulation.

Ensure all basement window and egress wells are clear and covered.

Test the sump pump and make sure a cover is installed.

Ensure fencing and gates are serviceable.

Clear vegetation and items from HVAC, plumbing/well, and sewer/septic components.

Ensure exterior outlets have weatherproof covers and are GFCI protected.

Repair any trip hazards, loose boards, or railings.

Ensure the chimney cap is installed and the roof is clear of debris. Repair or replace any loose shingles or missing components.

Test the doorbell and all exterior lighting.

Pressure wash exterior surfaces. Repaint and repair cladding and trim as necessary.

***Don’t forget. Lawn irrigation, pools, hot tubs, exterior buildings, etc. may need additional, preparation as well…

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