Moisture Instrusion and Remediation

Tokori's inspectors are IAC2 certified and can assess the indoor air quality of your home or rental unit w/in 24 hrs--honestly and specifically detailing the problems needing corrective maintenance or remediation as soon as possible--without the drama and fear-mongering.  Mold remediation w/o correcting the underlying contributing factors is throwing good money after bad--we prevent that by getting the problems corrected the first time.  We can oversee and coordinate all aspects of mold remediation--duct cleaning, lab testing, direct surface cleaning, and contaminated material removal and replacement.  We are also fully licensed to do work throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware for individual landlords, homeowners, and property managers, and we can handle all aspects of the insurance damage claims process directly with your adjuster.  But, unlike other companies that specialize in insurance claims, we charge far less for more professional, personalized service.  It's your money, why not hire the company that can find out the cause and correct the problem--not just treat (and retreat) the symptoms!

4 closetmold Effluent 

Mold can show up in vacant homes simply because the HVAC has been turned off--ironically, to save money!  Plumbing, basement, or roof leaks are also frequent causes that need evaluation by a building trades professional.  Can you really trust the contractor referred by your property management company--many of whom are getting a significant percentage of the contractor's invoice?  Doesn't it make sense to put your hard earned money to work and call your own licensed, IAC2 certified professional who will work without a conflict of interest?  We have experience others simply can't match and we know how to operate on a tight budget and short deadlines.  Got a mold issue?  Worried about a sale being cancelled, a broken lease, rental escrow, or potential law suit?  Want it to go away as soon as possible?  Call us @ 443.534.9113 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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