Examples of Past Projects


  • Full-scope residential rental unit maintenance and repair services for single and multi-family units for individual landlords, investors, asset and property management companies.


  • Completed over a dozen extensive home remediation, renovation, and repair projects in 2015--totalling tens of thousands of dollars--for two area non-profit organizations, ACDS and GHHI.


  • Extensive assistance to personal representative with a transitioning, elderly family member.  Services included: large-scale trash clean-up; personal property inventory, packing, and shipment; structural demolition and home remodeling, and final site clean-up prior to sale.
  • Provided specialized building condition inspections, with repair cost estimates, to assist in short sale negotiations, landlord-tenant disputes, insurance claims disputes, contractor disputes, and divorce litigation.  Followed up with high quality contractor support and repairs in most cases.
  • Performed vacant property maintenance and status reporting for commercial asset managers.
  • Provided contractor services, including architectural drawings/design to self-support building permits to support FHA 203K renovation projects and homeowner funded additons and repairs.
  • Completed extensive renovation of a condemned residential structure bought by an independent investor.  Past projects have included both single and multi-family units.
  • Prepared a new site for placement of a mobile home--providing all ancillary services required to obtain certificate of occupancy.
  • Assisted in post-disaster clean up and rebuilding efforts for community organizations and individual clients.
  • Relocated equipment storage buildings; built wide variety of specialized structures for housing animals and agricultural/landscaping equipment.

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