Home Inspections

Tokori's inspections are conducted by dually-licensed tradesmen.  Very few home inspections are performed by licensed contractors, but doesn't it make sense that they should be?  With years of residential rental and investment property experience, we bring the practical know how that other inspectors simply don't have.  

Satisfaction and peace of mind are guaranteed. Tokori inspections are covered by a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, as well as an INACHI 90-day home buy-back guarantee.    

Quality service doesn't cost; it pays!   No home is perfect; and we can and will find things that need attention.  In the vast majority of cases, the costs of the required repairs and defects we discover more than covers our fee.  Additionally, we can provide bonafide repair cost estimates from a licensed,  professional home improvement contractor--information that could be invaluable in purchasing negotiations or adjusting inflated appraisals used to support litigation in divorce or estate proceedings!

We pride ourselves on responsiveness.  Inspections and property consultations are promptly scheduled and report formats are customized to meet a client's specific requirements.  These reports are typically delivered within 24 hours.

We are committed to continuous learning and teaching.  Our inspectors/partners teach the licensure required home inspection courses sponsored by Anne Arundel Community College, & some of our competitor employees first met us in class!  

Wise Property Services

Tokori actively manages a portfolio of residential and agricultural investment properties.  Our company is also a contract service provider for local and national residential asset managers.  This experience makes us extremely flexible in the wide variety of services we can offer.

  • Residential rental repairs, system replacements, and make readies.
  • Demolition and site clearing services.
  • Homeowner FHA 203K and VA mortgage/lender required home repairs and upgrades.
  • Vacant property maintenance services.
  • Post storm damage assessments and reports.
  • Estate executor and personal representative real property services.
  • Property repair and modification services and down-sizing assistance for seniors.
  • Agricultural and timberland investment property consulting services.


 Got Mold?  


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Examples of Past Projects


  • Full-scope residential rental unit maintenance and repair services for single and multi-family units for individual landlords, investors, asset and property management companies.


  • Completed over a dozen extensive home remediation, renovation, and repair projects in 2015--totalling tens of thousands of dollars--for two area non-profit organizations, ACDS and GHHI.


  • Extensive assistance to personal representative with a transitioning, elderly family member.  Services included: large-scale trash clean-up; personal property inventory, packing, and shipment; structural demolition and home remodeling, and final site clean-up prior to sale.
  • Provided specialized building condition inspections, with repair cost estimates, to assist in short sale negotiations, landlord-tenant disputes, insurance claims disputes, contractor disputes, and divorce litigation.  Followed up with high quality contractor support and repairs in most cases.
  • Performed vacant property maintenance and status reporting for commercial asset managers.
  • Provided contractor services, including architectural drawings/design to self-support building permits to support FHA 203K renovation projects and homeowner funded additons and repairs.
  • Completed extensive renovation of a condemned residential structure bought by an independent investor.  Past projects have included both single and multi-family units.
  • Prepared a new site for placement of a mobile home--providing all ancillary services required to obtain certificate of occupancy.
  • Assisted in post-disaster clean up and rebuilding efforts for community organizations and individual clients.
  • Relocated equipment storage buildings; built wide variety of specialized structures for housing animals and agricultural/landscaping equipment.

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